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Lugia Pokemon Go Pokemon Rumble Wii U Its power isn’t its biggest selling point, falling somewhere between the Wii U and the standard Xbox One … which utilizes “hd rumble” for some of its mini-games. Without buying a few … How To Play pokemon trading cards Game I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy

Pokemon Go is adding a ton of new content to celebrate Easter and the coming of spring. Pokemon Go has provided additional …

trading card games‘ most valuable cards has just sold on Ebay for over $300,000. The card, a first edition shadowless base

Bitcoin? That’s so last month. NFTs? Old and busted. Pokemon cards are the new hotness. One collector recently paid $311,800 …

In this article, readers will learn some of this writer’s opinions on the most underwhelming Pokemon of the Johto region.

Yanma Pokemon Go Can’t find that one Johto-region Pokemon you’ve been looking for in Pokemon Go running around in the wild? Maybe you can hatch it instead. As soon as the update rolled, Pokemon Go Hub began … The Pokemon Go Legends of Seasons event has been revealed … and those in the Southern Hemisphere can look forward