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Target is pulling Pokémon cards and sports trading cards from their store shelves, according to multiple outlets.

Several violent incidents have been tied to the cards that have resold for as much as $360,000. Target stopped selling them …

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Pokémon fever is back, so much so that one big-box retailer has paused sales in stores over safety concerns. Target pulled …

Target said it will pause sales of sports trading cards and Pokémon cards, citing safety concerns for shoppers and employees.

When it comes to trading cards, very few franchises can compete with Pokemon right now. The card game has become a beast in the last year as demand for Pokemon cards has shot through the roof.

Target is temporarily halting sales of all Pokémon and sports trading cards in its stores. Last week, a Wisconsin Target was …

Pokemon Card Collector Download But unlike a Pokemon card, a comic book or a traditional piece … associated with the particular digital asset. People might download nyan cat and use it on social media if they want, but … “Grading” companies, or firms that appraise a card’s value, have been inundated with submissions from new and existing collectors resulting